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Paid Clothing Company is dedicated to people who are fond of the most powerful legendary creature, "the dragon". Legends tell of men defeating dragons, but we all know it took more than one hero to slay the mighty serpent.

There was a man labeled as the Dragon. He was the best fighter in the world. He was short in stature but very skilled in the Martial Arts. Like the legendary creature, it took many men to defeat him. This dragon's name was Bruce Lee. Bruce was a kind man with a heart of gold. He brought the secrets of the Chinese Martial Art (Kung-Fu) to the U.S. and the rest of the World. He also combined all the fighting techniques and created his own style "Jeet Kun Do". Like Michael Jordan was to basketball, Bruce was the master of all fighting skills. We will never forget his gift or the incredible mark he has left on the World.

The Dragon is our mascot mainly because they are very powerful and beautiful. Dragon's depending on what culture have different appearances. On the Paid logo we decided to use the British Dragon (the Griffon). We plan to deliver the hottest new Urban clothing line to hit the street.











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